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A Collaboration of Independent Clinicians 

​Office Locations & Hours

Times Vary by Clinician

Generally: M-F 9-5pm (later appts. by appointment) 

3408 Woodland Ave Suite 102

West Des Moines, Iowa 50266

Each clinician are licensed, independent practitioners who direct their own individual private practices.

(P) 515-267-1996    

Dr. Cooper's fax: (515) 207-9416

Resa Eckhart's fax (515) 207-9416

Dr. Brittain's fax: (844) 400-6505

Jeremy Overbaugh’s fax: (515) 478-3131

Gabby Archibald's fax: (515) 220-7485

To request new services, please click here: new client contact form
*This is a HIPAA compliant form*

For general questions please email:

For existing patients, please check your provider's page for preferred contact method

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